The TWSBI Vac700R—Boring Title, Great Pen

So, you can probably stop reading there then... the TWSBI Vac700R is yet another great intermediate pen from TWSBI. But... I hear you ask, or would if this wasn't a blog with no sound, and you were really that engaged... just what is it like to write with? How does it compare to the Diamond … Continue reading The TWSBI Vac700R—Boring Title, Great Pen

The Pilot Prera and Diamine Lilac Satin—A Guest Post

My thirteen-year-old daughter will be the first to tell you that she is not the world's hardest working student; but about a year ago, she decided that she would put some extra effort in to improve her grades before entering high school. She came home the other night with a school report that had excellent written, … Continue reading The Pilot Prera and Diamine Lilac Satin—A Guest Post

TWSBI Diamond 580AL—Silver And Rose

Wayyy back in the sunny days of July last year, before the Ontario winter and the snow, when I could still see the land around our house, the garden furniture, and even the lake come to think of it, I wrote a review of the TWSBI Diamond 580AL in turquoise, with a steel 1.1mm nib. … Continue reading TWSBI Diamond 580AL—Silver And Rose

Platinum Cool, Clear Demonstrator

We stand a good chance of getting confused here, because I've already reviewed this pen. The Platinum Cool is really a Platinum Balance, only with what Platinum think is a cool demonstrator construction. In fact, Brad Dowdy of the Pen Addict reviewed the Platinum Cool under the name of the Platinum Balance, Crystal Blue, back … Continue reading Platinum Cool, Clear Demonstrator