So, I Had a Package Arrive…

The other day I had my latest package arrive from the amazing Wonder pens of Toronto. As ever, an order is accompanied by a thank you note from Liz. Liz’ postcards are almost as much fun to get as the package, their designs are great. I thought you could buy these on their web site, but I’ve just checked for a link, and no… maybe you can pick some up in-store? Or just order yourself something, you’ll get one then, but they’re only almost as much fun to get as the package…

In my parcel this week was another, yes, another TWSBI Eco. This one has a fine nib though, the others have a 1.1mm stub, and a bold. I am really keen on the stub, the bold is a little too wet, so I wanted a fine to really contrast to the others. How many times have I said I don’t like demonstrators, I’m not fond of fine nibs, and I don’t like piston-fillers? But these guys are brilliant. They don’t leave my desk, so I’m OK with the piston-filling, because I never take them on the road for longer than a barrel-full of ink will last; and I may be coming round to the whole demonstrator thing. Buy one, you won’t regret it… and you might get a postcard from Liz.

But that wasn’t all, I needed an A5 notepad, something fountain-pen friendly, that I could tear A5 sheets from, enter the Rhodia Ice White (A5) lined notepad, for five bucks Canadian; just the job. And finally, something I was itching to get a look at since reading Liz’ blog post, the Rhodia Heritage Book Block Notebook in Black Escher.

seriously want to get into playing with these, and posting a review or two, but I’ve got a PhD reserach proposal to finish, and its deadline is looming. If I get that done, then I can play with the new toys.


Aaaaaaand then I had another distraction… this PhD will never get finished. Everybody likes to know what’s in a parcel.

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