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The Fountain Pen Nib
An illustration of the different parts of a generalized fountain pen nib. For a more detailed look at the parts of a nib, what is meant by the terms extra-fine, fine, medium, bold, stub, and so on, take a look at these sites…

Goulet Pens Anatomy of a Fountain Pen, and Goulet Pens also have a wonderful tool (the Nib Nook), that lets you compare nib widths and styles from a variety of pens. This is a great tool for helping you decide what type of nib you might want on your pen, when you’re buying online.

Nib Smoothing
Every now and then, you may find you have bought a pen with a problem nib; get a professional to look at it. Search the web for the term Nibmeister, do some reading, e-mail one or two, pick one, and take your chances as you might with a new car mechanic, or electrician. Alternatively, read a workshop notes summary by the Nibmesiter’s Nibmeister, Richard Binder. The booklet is available here.

Pen Specifications and Size Guide
Says it all really, a visual guide to pen sizes for comparison, and other details that are worth knowing before you buy. Adobe PDF file format; 129KB.