Traveler’s Notebook meets the Paper Penguin

After recently dipping my toes into the cult of the Tomoe River, I wanted more. I wanted something I would use regularly, but not another new notebook—not just yet anyway. Soon, but not just yet. A couple of possibilities immediately leaped to mind... (i) I've never liked, or used, blank notebooks, and the blank insert … Continue reading Traveler’s Notebook meets the Paper Penguin

A Little Late to the Tomoe River Party

It seems like everybody who blogs about stationery has been singing the praises of Tomoe River Paper for years... To begin with, Tomoe River Paper is very smooth when writing. Rhodia/Clairefontaine level smooth. No matter the size of the nib - from 1.5 mm stub nibs down to my Japanese EF nibs - they all … Continue reading A Little Late to the Tomoe River Party

Traveler’s Notebook—Homemade Card Folder Insert

A few days ago I posted my take on the Traveler's Notebook. I love it, but I do think it's a bit pricey for what it is, and some of the inserts are correspondingly expensive for what they are too. One of the inserts that I said I definitely wanted to take a look at … Continue reading Traveler’s Notebook—Homemade Card Folder Insert

The Traveler’s Notebook—With A Leather Thong

If you're one of those people that looks for stationery or nice pens on the interwebs, then you have probably found it difficult to avoid reading about the Traveler's Notebook (from The Traveler's Notebook Company in Japan, formerly Midori). They're written about on almost every pen and stationery site you may stumble across, and—I should … Continue reading The Traveler’s Notebook—With A Leather Thong

Leuchtturm1917 New Layout 2018 Daily Planner

Another few weeks of PhD dissertation mania has meant that I'm late again with this next post. There simply hasn't been time to even answer my e-mail properly in the last month, and I'm left wondering—where has this year gone? It's almost the end of September and earlier this week, somewhat incredulously, I found myself … Continue reading Leuchtturm1917 New Layout 2018 Daily Planner

Clairefontaine Triomphe A4 Pad

I've been attending quite a few more meetings than usual recently. All of them related to my PhD dissertation, and all of them require me to take copious notes. Until recently, I had been using a Life Noble Report A4 pad, but I'm starting to run low on sheets, and my nightmare would be to run … Continue reading Clairefontaine Triomphe A4 Pad

Life Kappan Writing Paper

I don't usually buy loose-sheet writing paper, as I don't really write correspondence in hard copy; but the Life Kappan writing paper pad is an exception. Firstly, it isn't strictly loose sheet, as it is lightly glued to its cardboard backing along the top edge. And secondly, this paper is just phenomenal. It makes you look … Continue reading Life Kappan Writing Paper

Rhodia DotPad Notepad No. 12

Why would anybody write a review of the Rhodia Dotpad? It's ubiquitous—everybody's got one, they're everywhere, and they've been around for years. Exactly. Everybody's got one, and they've been around for years. There must be something about them right? So what's the fascination with this little pad? First-off, it's small; which in this case, is … Continue reading Rhodia DotPad Notepad No. 12

Life Noble Report A4

There comes a point when pocket-sized, and A5 notebooks just don't cut the mustard (note for North American peoples, this means they're just not up to the job; and no, I have no idea whatsoever why that should have anything to do with mustard). Enter, the Life Japanese Stationery Company's Noble Report A4 Writing Tablet. One … Continue reading Life Noble Report A4