Wonder Pens Blotting Paper

A great little product from the Wonder People over at Wonder Pens

If you’re anything like me, I like to carry a sheet of blotting paper with me whenever and wherever I’m using one of my fountain pens. Which, in practice, means it’s a constant carry. And a few months ago, Jon and Liz at the wondrous Wonder Pens  began producing their own line of blotting sheets with some nice designs to make them a bit more interesting to carry, because, well, blotting paper. Doesn’t exactly thrill you to the core does it?

Each sheet’s about 10cm on the y axis by about 15cm on the x axis, depending I suppose on which way round you hold it. Ha! Take that my elementary school math’ teacher!


Remember, x from the left, y to the sky! And always label your axes!


Anyway, a pack of five sheets will cost you about five bucks Canadian before taxes and posting. And they come in the following designs…

The ink bottle…











And the pens: I recognized the Pilot Metropolitan and the Lamy, but what’s the top one? I don’t recognize the nib… it’s not a Platinum, a Sailor, or any Pilot I can remember. It’s bugging me, because it looks familiar but I just can’t place the pattern.

Each one comes with a quote…


But this kind of leaves me in a bit of a dilemma; I use my blotting paper, but I don’t want to get ink all over these so that I can’t read the quotes.

I might have to buy some more then.


11 thoughts on “Wonder Pens Blotting Paper

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  2. I have a huge sheet of blotting paper in an online cart with the art retailer, Dick Blick, right now. ($3 extra for oversized handling if I order, when I’d just as soon buy skinny strips.) I was assuming I’d simply have to cut a large sheet down to size these days, with proper stationers few and far between even before the pandemic struck. Even with the extra handling fee, the large sheet works out cheaper than a pack of Herbin sheets from Amazon.

    Having my younger son learning at home means I took the time to properly clear off the writing desk in our shared family office, which we call the Workroom. The boys and I each have a personal computer desk, but the two writing tables are shared surfaces. (Kids today don’t get much paper and pencil homework, it seems, so they usually only draw at the table.)

    So, having tidied the surface, I did volunteer my lovely antique desk set for my little guy’s use (and, because, where else do I store a desk pad between uses?) He likes doodling on the clean sheet of sketch paper I slipped into the ornate desk pad for him, and the pen rest (with integrated inkwell, disappointingly empty when he investigated!) keeps his pencil from rolling away, just as it should.

    The blotter, though, is lacking the really useful bit. I did hold back that item and the all-too-tempingly-dagger-like letter opener when prepping the table for my son. Two boys studying in the same room all day do not need anything extra to weaponize!

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    1. I can’t tell you how good it is to hear from you! Really brought a smile to my face.

      I used to love my grandmother’s old silver letter opener. She would hide it out of sight whenever I was there as a kid, but I’d find it. It was Tarzan’s dagger, Robin Hood’s sword, Jame’s Bond’s boot knife, later I believe it may even have been a lightsaber. About 45 years later, it’s on my father’s writing desk, quite wisely it’s still kept out of my hands.

      You are equally very wise to hide yours! 😄😄😄

      Warmest regards to you and all your family Willo.

      Keep well!


  3. A nice highlight on an often undervalued piece of stationery. We don’t get much choice beyond J Herbin in the UK, but it does the job well enough. I carry a sheet tucked inside my work notebook and another inside my journal at home, although in the current circumstances one would suffice for both!

    As for that third pen, I wondered if it was a caricature of a Montblanc, but given the others are very recognisable that doesn’t seem so likely. 🤔

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    1. Yes, I have always carried the J. Herbin, and as for the mystery pen? I am still guessing. The others are also stocked by WP, and as you say, are clearly recognisable. They’ve never stocked Montblanc as far as I know.






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      1. “Once I had all the clues my dear Godden, it was elementary to deduce the identity of the third pen. The precious resin, the distinctive form of the nib, the arcane engravings. It was a …

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