The Future of Science Is Now


During a pandemic accurate, scientifically verified information isn’t just important—it can save lives. With a global crisis underway, science is more important than ever.
That’s why AAAS and Science are striving to provide you with the best and most timely research, analysis, and news about COVID-19.
Visit our “Coronavirus: Research, Commentary, and News” page to find the latest updates on what we know about the pandemic, the race for a cure, and the research and experts behind the headlines.
Best of all, we’re making this content FREE to access. But if you want to continue to support the work we do, become a AAAS Member. Rarely has the need for more government support for research and more scientific literacy in our society been so starkly illustrated.
Join our community of scientists and science supporters today so we can continue to back the dedicated professionals on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic and ensure the next generation of scientists is ready for the challenges tomorrow will bring.

Remember: The Future of Science Is Now.

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