Platinum Bargains on… For Now

I have reviewed the Platinum Century 3776 fountain pen before, albeit with their amazing 14K music nib. At the time, that pen from any reputable Canadian retailer, would cost you at least $215.00 Canadian, before any kind of taxes or delivery, and without adding anything for the extra cost of the music nib. So, without the … Continue reading Platinum Bargains on… For Now

Sailor 1911L in Black and Gold, Bold Nib

The next pen to check all the boxes on my list, was the Sailor 1911L in black and gold. This kind of flies in the face of so many other sites, who call the classic cigar shape, especially in black and gold, boring. There are those who prefer the cut-off, flattened finials, with the Sailor logo … Continue reading Sailor 1911L in Black and Gold, Bold Nib