A Nibmeister Adjustment—Yes or No?

There were a lot of titles suggested for this post, mostly reminiscent of some 1970s British comedy films that were heavy on the double entendres and the sexism. A lady, who I'll do the favour of not naming, suggested something that involved falling in love with a broad Sailor endowed with an impressive custom grind. … Continue reading A Nibmeister Adjustment—Yes or No?

Ink: Water-Resistant ain’t Waterproof

I like to write out of doors. Sometimes I write when I'm sitting down by the lake, sometimes just out on the deck. I occasionally address correspondence to friends and family in fountain pen ink, and strangely, the weather is not always on my side with some of these endeavors. Children—and some of you without … Continue reading Ink: Water-Resistant ain’t Waterproof

Sailor Pro Gear Slim (Sapporo) Special Edition Earth

When I write personal correspondence, I tend to write with either brown or blue ink on ivory or cream paper. Like I have said before, I like to color-match pens to inks, not least because it helps me pick the right color pen and ink on sight. I have blue pens with nibs I love, … Continue reading Sailor Pro Gear Slim (Sapporo) Special Edition Earth