Galen Leather 10-Pen Case in Crazy Horse Brown

Until recently, I've been using my old dissection kit carry case as a perfectly acceptable leather pen case. I say perfectly accessible, this I suppose is defined by what you find perfectly acceptable. The case dates back to my biology degree in the 1990s, and there are slots that will hold 12 large pens with … Continue reading Galen Leather 10-Pen Case in Crazy Horse Brown

Franklin Christoph, Leather 2-Pen Case

If you buy a nice pen, it rarely just stays on your desk, and even then, if your desk is anything like mine—with cats and children that visit—you might want to think about protecting those shiny, polished objects of desire. In April this year, my wife Lorraine, two daughters and myself, found ourselves staying in … Continue reading Franklin Christoph, Leather 2-Pen Case