When I write, I mostly write to pay my bills. As a researcher and science educator by profession, I get paid to write, and sometimes it’s painful. Not the money part, don’t get me wrong, I like the money part, that’s pleasure, but sometimes the work, that can be painful.

And sometimes I write for the sheer joy of writing. My thoughts, observations, anything that occurs to me. I write in inks that interest and amuse me, and with pens that fascinate and entertain me.

And that’s what this site is all about, the amazing tools—fountain pens, the ink they use, the accessories that accumulate around them, the paper they’re used on, and sometimes, maybe, what’s actually written with them—to pay the bills, and just for the sheer joy of ink upon the page.

I hope you find it useful… but most of all, I hope you enjoy reading it, as much as I take pleasure in putting it together.






Oh yeah, there are more pictures on Flickr, including more cats.






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