Lazy Sunday Afternoons… No Work, No Pens, No Worries

Having one of those Sundays where I was doing my absolute best to avoid any kind of actual work, I found myself passing by my wife’s office. Her little sanctum is directly opposite my own, but far enough away that I’m not in any immediate danger of sitting at my computer. As I’ve said before, my wife likes little signs about the house with a motivational message or two. Her office is no exception, and I couldn’t help but notice…

… that she had, er, moved on.

It was another glorious day outside, and—for a change—there were no papers sitting on my desk, waiting for me to grade them; no lesson preparations to be made; no resources to gather; and I’m in that stage of my PhD where I am waiting for data to come flooding in (or trickling in like a blocked pen feed if the last year is anything to go by).

I was accompanied by my ever-present desktop companion, who was keen to remind me that there is more to a Lazy Sunday Afternoon than work and stationery.

Nobody knows how to relax with more focus than a domestic puss. But his enthusiasm, in the warmth of the office, was shortlived…

I left Alfie to his afternoon nap, and moved on  myself, in the general direction of the outside world. My wife, apparently, was gardening. As far as I am concerned, this is nowhere near as entertaining as she tries to make me think it is, and is to be avoided almost as much as work.

The lake was calling…

The walk to the lake has to be enjoyed as much as the actual destination, but in this case, I also had to hurry a bit in case I was seen by She Who Must Be Obeyed on the other side of the trees.

No time to sit and doze.


Yes! My darling wife may not read my blog, but she ain’t deaf, she’ll have heard the noise of those outboard horses kicking in. There may be trouble ahead

Passed the neighbors…

… and the other neighbors.

Kill the engine, and drift for a while, with just the sound of the water against the timber of that pretty wooden boat.

I may have stayed out a fraction longer than I intended…

But a sunset like that is worth it every time.

All my very best to anybody reading this, who had to work this Sunday. You can rest assured that I lifted a glass in your honor when I got back to dry land.

Back to work tomorrow.



4 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday Afternoons… No Work, No Pens, No Worries

  1. A very entertaining and relaxing read and super photos. The lake area looks so idyllic that I doubt if I would get any work done at all. I expect there is a fair amount of gardening and maintenance involved, to be fair.

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