The Platinum Balance: This is a REAL Starter Pen

If you begin to read fountain pen reviews, and collector's sites, you'll soon see a fair bit about starter or beginner pens, as if they were some sort of gateway drug to the harder, and more expensive, Montblanc or Nakaya. And who am I to judge the analogy? It may well ring true for a lot … Continue reading The Platinum Balance: This is a REAL Starter Pen

Platinum Plaisir, Medium Steel Nib, in Gun-Metal

It occurred to me, after reading a bit more, and enjoying the pens in—what I now probably have to call—my collection, that I could probably enjoy pens that cost less than $250 each. You could be forgiven for thinking that the thought was a bit late in coming to me, but I was never a very … Continue reading Platinum Plaisir, Medium Steel Nib, in Gun-Metal

One World Observatory Trade Center Journal

Okay, so you're going to forgive the One World Observatory Trade Center Journal quite a bit, just for what it is and where it comes from, which is here. It was bought for me by my wife and daughter, when they took a trip up the observatory... I was in The Fountain Pen Hospital a … Continue reading One World Observatory Trade Center Journal

Franklin Christoph, Leather 2-Pen Case

If you buy a nice pen, it rarely just stays on your desk, and even then, if your desk is anything like mine—with cats and children that visit—you might want to think about protecting those shiny, polished objects of desire. In April this year, my wife Lorraine, two daughters and myself, found ourselves staying in … Continue reading Franklin Christoph, Leather 2-Pen Case

Sailor 1911L in Black and Gold, Bold Nib

The next pen to check all the boxes on my list, was the Sailor 1911L in black and gold. This kind of flies in the face of so many other sites, who call the classic cigar shape, especially in black and gold, boring. There are those who prefer the cut-off, flattened finials, with the Sailor logo … Continue reading Sailor 1911L in Black and Gold, Bold Nib

Amarcord Venetian Leather Journal from Indigo

Some years ago, my wife and I were investigating the shelves of our local Chapter's book store. We had a few paperbacks for ourselves and the kids, when I started looking through the paper and notebooks. Now, I have to admit up front that I am a sucker for classic, leather-bound journals and notebooks, but … Continue reading Amarcord Venetian Leather Journal from Indigo

Your Fountain Pen Toolkit

After using fountain pens for a while, you begin to put together quite a collection of bits and pieces which add to the clutter of your desk drawers, but are utterly indispensable. And if you haven't got any of these yet, then you should seriously reconsider your position. I wouldn't have any of the fun with my … Continue reading Your Fountain Pen Toolkit

Edison Collier in Burnished Gold

By this stage of my hunt for the perfect fountain pen, I was building up a picture of what I liked to write with... the Cross twins had poor nibs, but were a nice size; the Platinum 3776 Century was highly attractive to me—black and gold, understated elegance, and a beautiful nib, that was just … Continue reading Edison Collier in Burnished Gold